A Letter To My Lichen

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>>My intention for this blog is to write it for my houseplants. They are my largest audience and usually support most of my decisions. It will be like doing it for myself, only slightly more motivating. The idea of writing out to an audience that might never show up honestly sounds a little depressing. So for now, it shall remain a place where I can log any notable moments through this exciting time in life. If somehow the audience of non-plants out grows my photosynthistetic compadres (yes I made that word up), the greetings *might* change. Good luck with that. I am currently looking at 32 planty-friends. 


My Dearest Lichen, 

Isn't it such a lovely day to be living? Oh you wish it looked like rain today? That's probably because I forgot to mist you today. And yes, thats a good one with the Goose reference. I saw what you did there. But hey! This is the perfect segue to one part of my exciting life update! But let's save that.

Remember when you arrived into my care by way of your favorite Aunt Val and Uncle Tony? It was the day before my 30th birthday. It was the day that everything "up in the air" came crashing to the ground. The future came alive that day. Not five minutes after you showed up did we see that triple rainbow and everything changed. I was about to do something selfish, but oh so exciting. 

You only knew me as a hairstylist for two weeks, but I had been working in the salon setting for fourteen years. We shared a desk and you kept me company for eight fateful mornings as I prepared for some of the most difficult days I have experienced. Making recommendations, writing small notes and then saying goodbye to people I had built meaningful relationships with felt gut wrenching. To abandon loved ones for a higher calling is so bittersweet. Explaining felt defensive but at the same time I was desperate for their approval. Approval for what, you ask?

Approval for a passion pursuit. What does that look like exactly? I am not entirely sure at the moment, but it has something to do with photography and guiding rock climbing. I will be working with Alpine Endeavors teaching rock climbing, guiding hikes and working with special programs for personal and team development. My hope is to be a part of the welcoming committee for anyone excited about this incredible sport. It truly ignites every form of happiness in my opinion. Relationships and trust, physical fitness, being outside and learning what you are capable of. 

Photography on the other hand is the  story. It is capturing a mood, a moment, or a breakthrough. It is going beyond documentation and helping facilitate more than having to say "you had to be there." It is the anti-FOMO because those that had other things going on might not have to feel bad when they see the photo and hear the story. They will hopefully feel included in an honest expression of an experience or a place. I want my work to communicate with viewers the way I would tell a story to one of my beloved salon clients when they ask what I've been up to. 

It has been an interesting experience sharing these plans because it all seems quite glamourous and dream-like. The goal is accessibility for anyone to join in on whatever it is I am doing. Climbing is something that does not have to be scary to try. Going to concerts in 2021 can be safe. You can be who you are. You do not have to fit a mold to try that thing which has looked so cool. My hope is that my future endeavors read with little ego and only a welcoming, supportive tone. 

I know I know, you are lichen and you have been around so much longer than I have been alive. 

The thing is, while this all might sound generic, that is ok. It is my life and I deserve to give it a shot. Ok, ok, Ill give you a shot of that water bottle now. You have been patient enough. 

Thank you,


PS- GOOOSE! I almost forgot!

The first day of the rest of my life was spent with a dream coming true. Your favorite Aunt Val had an extra pod in SCARF TERRITORY (front and center) for Goose in Pelham, TN.

I got on a plane and went down. Pete, the lovely editor in chief at NYS Music was kind enough to send me a connection to the amazing Greg Knight for a possible press pass. I was not sure if it was going to happen. The weather was looking questionable. My new camera was not the best in the rain, but Chris Vultaggio, the most incredible mentor, lent me his camera rain coat. Justin helped find the perfect waterproof stuff sacks in case things got really bad. 

It seemed to be worth a shot. I had not heard anything all day leading up to the show and had woken up from a nap to Val's excitement about landing some posters. A quick check of the email was from Greg saying I was good to go! Honestly, the whole night felt like a dream and I still have zero memory of the first set (except "Butter Rum" because it is Ben's favorite). 

The storms, the band, and the crowd raged. I was able to get some amazing shots (for my first time), and even write a review for the publication!

Here is the link to that 




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